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by admin on May 2, 2012

One of the many great Northeast Ohio wineries, Ferrante Winery & Ristorante is located at 5585 N River Rd. in Geneva, Ohio. Not only could you possibly find your favorite new wine here but also your favorite pizza. They serve great Italian food at this winery.

Are you not very experience with pair your food and wine? Something also very nice about this winery is they pair their food and wine for you.

If you happen to be one of the very few visitors that enjoy neither the wine nor the food served. Without a doubt you will enjoy the environment. The establishment looks great on the outside and inside. During the warmer months, they have a very spacious terrace overlooking a well kept pond and vineyard. The terrace makes for very relaxing summer evenings.


Ferrante & Ristorante wines – Ohio wineries

What does this winery have to offer as far as wines? This winery is very active in wine competitions, maybe the most active of all the Ohio wineries.

Their wines are regulars at the Beverage Testing Institute, Ohio wine competition, American fine wine competition, Fingers Lakes international wine competition, Pacific Rim wine Competition, and the Taster’s Guild International. We have yet to see another Ohio winery compete in so many different competitions and so often. And…

In each of these competition the wines of Ferrante & Ristorante have done extremly well. Taking home Best in Show and many gold and silver medal awards.

In fact, most every single wine they produce has won an award. What wines are most commonly recommended? All of them!!!

If you like white wines, they have many good ones. Their American Riesling (peach, apricot, citrus flavors) won the best in show at the Ohio wine competition so this is one wine you should at least taste.

They make a very nice Rosato blush wine, very intense fruit flavors. Their white Catawba blush wine is another wine drinkers favorite.

If you are looking for a Red wine, they produce 5 or 6 quality reds. Many regulars to this winery would recommend trying their Cabernet Franc (Fruit forward style, berry, dried fruits and spice) and also their Pinot Noir ( a light red).

They also make very nice Ice wines, some of the best in the state an d a couple specialty wines such as Cranberry blush and Raspberry blush.

 Any Entertainment Offered – Ohio wineries

Ferrante Winery & Ristorante does offer regular entertainment. Both in the afternoon and in the evenings. Saturday and Sunday afternoons 1:30pm-5pm. And Friday and Saturday evenings 6pm-9:30pm.


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