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by admin on April 17, 2012

Of all the Ohio wineries, Gervasi vineyards located in Canton, may have the most exquisite setting. From the outside it appears as a mansion or villa inspired by the Tuscany region of Italy, the true birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The very moment you set foot on the grounds of Gervasi vineyards you feel you have been transported to Italy.


There is a lot going on at this Ohio winery

First the wines, the wines are a little pricey but very high quality. A good selection of Whites and Reds. Our favorite wine here was the Velluto Pinot Noir, a very smooth red wine with flavors of Cherry and Raspberry, you can actually taste the fruit but its not a sweet wine. This is a winner.

Italian Bistro authentic rustic Italian menu

There are 4 different dining venues each with there unique settings: The Bistro main dining room, The Cantino Cellar room, The Balconatta loft, and when the weather permit the Piazza Outdoor Patio. The kitchen closes at 10PM during the week, 11Pm on the weekend, and 8PM on Sundays.

Have you been looking at different Ohio wineries to plan a wedding? Gervasi vineyard may be the perfect setting for your wedding. They hold both indoor (villa grande) and outdoor weddings (Pavilion) on their lavish grounds. There will be no need for you and your guests to leave the ground as there are 24 villa suites.

The villas at Gervasi are pretty amazing. Each has a unique name like Villa Sorrento or Villa Trentino. There are six villas total and each has a hearth room and four guest rooms, 24 rooms in total. You will love the interior design of these.

Interest in culinary and wine.

They offer both culinary and wine classes. This isn’t a whole college course, each class focuses on teaching a different aspect of cluniary or wine. You can pick and choose which classes you would like to attend. The culinary classes typically run for 3 hours and the wine classes run around 2 hours.

Gervasi is also a marketplace. Here the Vietri brand of imported Itlaian products for the home and garden and tabletop accessories. Sid Dickens memory blocks are here also. You can also find the Maple Leaf at Home brand of quality cutting boards at the Gervasi marketplace.

If you are looking for authentic italian pasta, sauces, soup and bread you will find a nice selection of these here also.


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