Wine grapes grown in Ohio

by admin on October 11, 2012

When considering the Ohio wine industry, the only thing more amazing than the number of wineries in the state (over 130) is the number of different grape species grown in the state.


Aurore A hybrid grape also known as the Seibel 5279.
Baco Noir Great for medium bodied, deep red wines.
Cabernet Franc A popular black grape used in blended and ice wines.
Cabernet Sauvignon One of the most reconginized grapes in the world.
Carmine Born in the USA, developed by Dr. Harold Olmo.
Catawba, Cayuga Played an important role in the history of wine in the USA.

Cayuga White

A hybrid grape developed at Cornell University.
Chambourcin A French-American hybrid.
Chancellor Developed by Albert Seibel in 1860.
Chardonel A white wine grape that ripens late in the year.
Chardonnay A green skinned grape, native to the Burgundy wine region.
Chelois A hybrid used in the production of red wines.
Concord Used in wine produciton but also a popular table grape and juice grape.
De Chaunac  French-American hybrid wine grape, a red wine grape.
Delaware  The fruit of this grape is easily separated from the skin.
Geisenheim A grape native to Germany.
Gewürztraminer Aromatic grape, high in sugar used in white wine production.
Kerner August Herold developed this grape.
La Crosse Elmer Swenson developed this grape, similar to Riesling.
Landot Another names are Lemberger, or Blauer Limberger
Lemberger A grape native to Germany.
Leon Millot A hybrid grape, highly resistant to fungal diseases.
Marechal Foch A French hybrid used in red wine production.
Merlot A dark blue grape, the wines produced with this grape have hints of berry and plum.
Niagara Native to North America.
Pinot Gris A popular white wine grape.
Pinot Meunier
Pinot Noir
Rayon d’Or
Riesling Native to the Rhine region of Germany.
Sangiovese Dark purple in color, native to Italy.
Sauvignon Blanc Bordeaux region of France. A green grape now grown all over the world.
Seyval Blanc A hybrid used in the production of white wines. Mainly grown in England.
Traminette A cross between a French-American hybrid and a German grape.
Vidal Blanc A very sweet grape commonly used in the production of dessert wines.
Vignoles A hybrid, produced by, J.F. Ravat
Zweigelt Developed in 1922, used in red wine production.

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